Story of MyGuardWash

For over 20 years I have been a professional hockey equipment manager. While behind the bench, I’ve witnessed some nasty stuff. Facial cuts, broken bones, knocked out teeth. But something else lurked undetected, and it was making my players sick, literally.

I noticed my guys dropping their mouth guards on the rubber bench floors, stuffing them in sweaty gloves, tossing them in filthy hockey bags, and even accidentally ending up in used socks. When I asked them if they realized any of this, their response was, “Really? I didn’t know that was happening. Guess I just have no better place to put it.”

That got me thinking. Although my day job is at the ice rink, I’ve always been an inventor, a problem solver, an entrepreneur. I’ve built skate board parts and other equipment which solve small, often imperceptible problems. MyGuardWash is another product that seeks to provide a solution to a problem you might not have even known you had.

Today MyGuardWash keeps my players’ mouth guards clean, keeps them healthy and keeps them on the ice. With thousands sold and currently in use by hockey teams, basketball teams, moto-cross racers and other athletes throughout the country, it’s exciting to see MyGuardWash making a difference.

I invite you to try MyGuardWash and see for yourself the peace of mind that comes from a clean mouth guard. I also welcome any comments or questions about the product, feel free to e-mail me any time.

Best of luck out there,


Teams Currently Using MyGuardWash